"Who Else in Dearborn Wants to Lose Up to 19 Pounds in 28 Days and Get Toned and Tight Hips, Thighs and Stomach? The Dearborn Boot Camp Burns Twice The Fat Gets You Thin and Sexy and Challenges Your Body Every Time."





From: Nick Lopez, CPT

Owner of Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp

Serving Dearborn/Dearborn Heights

Dear Frustrated Friend,

  • Are You Sick of Not Getting Results With Current or Past Health Club/Gym Memberships?
  • Do You Feel That No One Cares if You Achieve the Body You Want and Deserve?
  • Do You Feel Like No One Can Relate to You and Your Body’s Current Condition?
Well guess what? My name is Nick Lopez, Dearborn’s Top Weight Loss Expert, and I was just like YOU! I did this WITHOUT wasting my money on a gym or health club membership. But more on that later… I offer a LIFETIMEguarantee to all of my clients — plus an unconditional money-back-guarantee. My LIFETIME guarantee states:

  • After completing my program, if for whatever reason you “fall of the wagon,” gain all the weight back and end up looking like you did when you first started my program, I will train you AGAIN absolutely FREE.
  • I’ll never give up on you, and I GUARANTEE I will get your body back in the shape it was when you first completed my program.

You Won’t Find This Guarantee ANYWHERE Else In Dearborn, or Even In Michigan. I Can Promise You That!

I was fed up with the gym and health club industry. I hated how they treated and neglected their members. So I decided to leave and tell people the truth.

You DON’T need an expensive gym or health club membership in order to transform your body. Besides, you’re nothing but dollar signs to them!

They could care less if you actually lose weight, in fact, they make more money if you don’t!

Take it from me, I’ve been fat my ENTIRE life. Don’t make the same mistakes and waste your time like I did.

Would you like to:

  • Get a Flat Stomach, Toned and Tight Hips, Legs and Butt?
  • Have Surging Energy That Lasts All Day?
  • Have a Step-By-Step Perfectly Personalized Nutrition Guide and Finally Know EXACTLY What and How Much to Eat?
  • Have the Knowledge to Go Shopping and Know Exactly Which Foods are Good, Which are Bad, and WHY This is?
  • Look and Feel 10 Years Younger?
  • Accomplish This With MINIMAL Time Commitment?

Ph. No.

Hurry, this body diagnostics offer ends Friday 8pm EST!




Hanan Before-After

“Hanan Dropped 25 lbs”

“Thank you so much Nick. I appreciate all your hard work for me. You changed me to become a better person. You’re the best trainer in Dearborn and in the world!” -Hanan C. – Dearborn, MI





Dearborn Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Expert Nick Lopez has created a fitness weight loss personal training system that doesn’t require ANY expensive equipment or gym/health club memberships. It uses his secret “4 Minute Fat Loss” system.


Some of the world’s greatest discoveries were by accident, so was this one… Through years of trial and error, I finally found the perfect training system that is PROVEN time and time again to get ANYONE results.

You’ll Never Get This Kind of Fast Fat Burning Workout In a Gym or Health Club!

Ph. No.

Hurry, this body diagnostics offer ends Friday 8pm EST!

Danielle before-after“My Stomach Fat Melted Off!”

People are starting to notice my weight loss, which is the best feeling in the world. It was tough at first, but Nick kept me motivated through it all! I didn’t want to follow some generic routine in a magazine, I wanted something specific to me using the latest scientific knowledge. I have tried other local Dearborn weight loss options like gyms and clinics but those were a complete waste of time. Not only was I treated horribly, but I didn’t get results! There was no element of support, I felt like they couldn’t relate to me.  :) The nutrition plan was priceless. I have been looking everywhere for someone to give me the right guidance and knowledge, but every Dearborn personal trainer seems to be so concerned with making a profit instead. The weight continues to drop as I follow his plan. Simply amazing. This has been the best decision I have made in my entire life. I know for a fact that if I never came to Nick, I would be way heavier than I was when I first started. Don’t let procrastination get the best of you, you’ll regret it.

Thanks again, Nick :)

Danielle M. Dearborn, MI


If we had unlimited time, life would be a lot simpler. Often time we get so caught up in our daily schedules, we never get a chance to take a step back and realize what is going on with our bodies. But there’s a solution: SO KEEP READING =====>>

The Solution

When I realized that time was the problem, I had a “light bulb above my head” moment.

Although time was the problem, it was also the solution!

If people could do a high-calorie-burning workout in nearly half the time, they’re 98% more likely to stick with it and lose weight!

What would happen if I was designed a highly efficient time-friendly workout system?

I’ll tell you what happened – RESULTS SKYROCKETED!!!

I created earlier versions of the 4 Minute Fat Loss System and I honestly couldn’t believe what I was saw. Fat was melting off…. Strength gains were exponential… Energy levels were through the roof… This not only happened with new personal training clients but ones that had been training with other personal trainers and had plateaued.

NJ Before-After

Nicole J.: “I Lost 7 Percent Body Fat!”

Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp in Dearborn is one of the best workouts I have ever done. I’ve dropped 11 lbs and 7% body fat so far!

Nick is an awesome motivator and makes hard work outs fun and challenging!! I never miss one class, I love going to class and I have seen so many changes in my body over the last 5 months that I have been going.

Thank you Nick, you’re the best!!!”

-Nicole J., Inkster, MI

Ph. No.

Hurry, this body diagnostics offer ends Friday 8pm EST!

What Have I Stumbled On To?
I decided to do some research just to see what was going on with all of these amazing results. It turns out what I figured out was actually hidden away in medical and research journals. One study showed that 4 Minute Fat Loss training increased the metabolism for 37 hours. Do you realize what that means?
Metabolic Boost That Lasts a Day and a Half!
It’s actually referred to as the “after-burn” effect and it’s when your metabolism stays heightened after one of my 4 Minute Fat Loss workouts. That means that if you did a 2XR workout on Monday morning, Tuesday night you are still burning extra calories…and that’s very cool.
But there’s more…

Louie before-after

Louie: “I Got My Abs Back!”

I have worked out at other gyms in Dearborn but Nick has completely changed my life by providing guidance and encouragement in both my exercising and eating habits. In the past I have worked out before without any noticeable results.

Nick knows how to motivate a person to achieve and even surpass their goals. I have dropped over 10 lbs, 5% body fat and gotten the definition back in my abs again! I have never been in better shape in my life.

Louie C.,  Dearborn

zeina-before-after-testimonial - Copy

I’ve got *Great* news for you… When it comes to working out, Longer *DOES NOT* Mean Better

After all, I’ve proved this by helping Dearborn/Dearborn Heights residents achieve the body they deserve through my scientifically proven 4 Minute Fat Loss system. I am dedicating myself to changing lives. I’ll get to help you achieve your fitness goals, strength goals and weight loss goals faster than you ever thought possible! And I give you a LIFETIME Guarantee, not just a 100% Money Back Guarantee! You won’t find this Guarantee anywhere else in the area…and probably all of Michigan!

More on that later…

Barb - Before-After

“I Can Fit In My Jeans Again!”

I’ve dropped 27lbs and I feel 10 years younger. I owe it all to Nick and his bootcamp system. In the past, I have worked with trainers in Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, but Nick has given me PERMANENT results by encouraging and educating me about nutrition and exercise.

The other trainers don’t even compare to Nick. He knows how to motivate people like me who have tried everything and became incredibly frustrated. I love the fact that he can relate to me, he’s been big his whole life, he gets it :)

You’re the man, Nick!!

Barb G., Dearborn Heights

How Does My Training Work?

This is a no-nonsense approach that uses the latest fat loss techniques to give you the body and health of your dreams. I incorporate dymanic moves that work multiple muscles and burn fat faster than traditional workouts. In fact, with my workouts, you’ll be burning fat for 35+ hours afterwards!

And I guarantee it. (see below)

But there is more…

“Ashley Got Her Beach Body Back in 8 Weeks!”

I called Nick just in time for the summer! He single-handedly helped me get me back into my two-piece again. Not only that, but my confidence level has gone through the roof ever since I started the Weapons 4 Weight Loss Bootcamp. He makes me realize my body’s true potential!

Other Dearborn personal trainers in gyms tried putting me on crazy starvation diets, promising me that i’ll lose weight fast. All I did was gain weight because I was hungry all the time!!

Nick knows what he’s doing, he will get your body in the best shape of your life! I’m honestly as skeptical as they come, but I was desperate and put all my faith and hope into Nick’s hands. With his LIFETIME Guarantee, all of the risk was on his shoulders!

It was the best decision I have ever made.

See you on Monday, Nick. Can’t wait to start sweating again :)

-Ashley B. – Dearborn, MI


You’ll work hard during every workout. This is challenging BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE.

You will sweat – a lot. You’ll even be sore at times. (only at first though) But I promise you that you’ll LOVE it because every workout is accomplished in a fun, motivating and supportive atmosphere. Now is the time to take action. There is no tomorrow – only today.

Mike Before-AfterMike: “I Lost My Beer Belly!”

I can’t say enough about Nick. He still allowed me to not completely give up beer, and I STILL lost my gut! I’ve belonged to a couple different gyms in Dearborn, but he’s the ONLY personal trainer that actually gave a damn and really cared about me.

He wouldn’t ever give up on me, no matter how stubborn I was or how many times I slipped with my diet. Nick takes a lot of pride in his job, and he gets you RESULTS!

-Mike T., Dearborn , MI

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If I were You I Would Have a Few Questions About the Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp, Questions Like:

What is Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp Anyways?

Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp is a fitness program that includes top notch fitness instructions, nutritional coaching and motivational training all designed to get you in the best shape of your life in the shortest, safest possible time regardless of your current fitness level.

What if I’m not very physically fit?

No camper will be left behind or asked to complete more than they are capable of doing safely. Whether you have five or fifty pounds to lose, or just those stubborn 10 lbs, you’ll find that my Boot Camp is just the program for you! Women and men of all ages, abilities and fitness levels regularly attend Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp and achieve incredible results.

What if I can’t attend all the days offered?

I know you’ll agree that some exercise is better than no exercise. So if you can’t make it three days a week, at least do your best to attend as many days as possible. We have seen participants achieve significant results while attending on a consistent basis.

What if I’m busy and don’t have time to come?

Professionally speaking…after working with tons clients, I have found that “I don’t have time” really means “I’d like to procrastinate a little longer.” The truth of the matter is that you can make time if you really want to change the way you look and feel. Ask yourself this: I’m I finally ready?

Ok, you make a good point….so what do I need to bring?

Nothing. We’ll provide all the equipment, motivation, and accountability you’ll need. Just bring a water bottle and tons of ENERGY because we’re going to change your life!

What can I expect to achieve?

You can expect to drop inches and pounds while becoming more fit and toned. On average you’ll drop 3-6 pounds, 1-2 dress sizes, and 2-5% body fat every 30 days. The program includes exercises designed to firm your butt and thighs, flatten your stomach, reduce body fat and “bloat” and increase confidence.

How is this different than the local health club?

Weapons 4 Weight Loss is a fitness program designed to get you in the best shape of your life in a fun and motivating atmosphere. Unlike a traditional health club you won’t encounter intimidation, overcrowding, and broken down equipment. And best of all we are the ONLY fitness and weight loss program in the area to offer a “see results or get your money back” guarantee!

How often should I attend?

The boot camp runs Monday through  Saturday. I suggest that you attend three days a week, but you can still achieve incredible results if you attend at least two days per week.

Can I just pay each time I workout?

No. The fact of the matter is that you need and want to exercise consistently, right? We’ve found that the second best motivator is knowing that you are consistently paying for your boot camp. The best motivator is knowing that you’re going to have a ton of fun once you get to camp and meet your new friends for another life changing workout!

How do I sign up now?

You can register instantly online by clicking the big blue button below and we’ll contact you immediately, or if you have any questions just call 313-686-1989 or email Nick@Weapons4WeightLoss.com

Will I be sore sometimes?

Most people feel some soreness for the first 2-3 days. After that point, it is little to moderate. It’s part of the process that lets you know you are improving! After the first two weeks your body will adjust and you’ll find that you’re no longer sore.

Is there a refund policy?

Yes, we offer a full 30 day unconditional money back guarantee. Try Weapons 4 Weight Loss for 30 days, and if you aren’t happy with the results that you’re getting – just let us know and we’ll give you a full refund!

What is a typical day at camp like?

In one word ? FUN! However, since each workout program is intentionally different to alleviate boredom and to give you maximum results in minimum time its difficult to describe a “typical day.” You can expect some light running, resistance training, obstacle courses, core, body weight, and team training. On wild card days, you will hike, crawl, lunge, and have a fun time while burning a ton of fat and meeting new people. It’s always an adventure!

How soon will I see results?

Performance improvement can take place in as little as a couple of days. “Visual Improvement” can take from two to four weeks depending on your effort level. It’s becoming common to see a camper go down 1-2 dress sizes within the first 30 days.

Does the camp ever end?

Weapons 4 Weight Loss is an ongoing program. After all it’s a lifestyle change. You’re welcome to join for a little as one month or stay on board for the long haul like 85% of our members.

What types of people go to camp?

They are people just like you. Whether you have a few vanity pounds to lose or 50 plus pounds you’ll find Weapons 4 Weight Loss the perfect program to help you achieve your fitness and weight loss goal!

And just to ensure that you join with confidence and feel great about getting in the best shape of your life. We’re going to give you a guarantee that no other fitness and weight loss program can offer!

Ph. No.

Kyla Page before-after

Kyla: “I Lost 10 Inches Off My Waist!”

Nick offers great daily training routines. I love to go every day and exercise with such great group of people who exercise at Weapons 4 Weight Loss Boot Camp in Dearborn Michigan.

Nick is a very professional and experienced trainer who is committed to us in providing the best of his knowledge.

I’ve lost 10 inches off my waist so far following Nick’s nutritional guidance and going to his boot camp 3x per week.

Weapons 4 Weight Loss in Dearborn is the place to exercise, make a difference in your life and find the results that you were looking for. Well Recommended!!!!”

-Kyla P., Student

Yes Nick! I Am Ready To Kick Crazy Diets, Out-Of-Control Fat Hormones And Boring Workouts To The Curb… And Get In The Best Shape Of My Life Right Now!

Yes Nick! I’m ready to quit impossible diets!

Yes Nick! I’m ready to fit into my “skinny” jeans!

Yes Nick! I’m ready to “Shut Down” my fat hormones!

Yes Nick! I’m ready for new and exciting workouts!

Yes Nick! I’m ready to say nope to cold parks and wet grass!

Yes Nick! I’m ready for results in 30 days or my money back!

Yes Nick! I’m ready to get pushed and motivated!

Need More of a Reason? (really? Ok, fine.)

What if I gave you $269 in cash? Wouldn’t you email or call me immediately?

While I can’t just hand out $269 in cash to anyone who calls – I will give you a Full 1 Hour Body Diagnostics Consultation worth $269 – for FREE when you call or email me now.

How can you say no to that? YOU CAN’T!

Stop the cycle of “tomorrow.”

You know when you always say “I’ll call the personal trainer tomorrow tomorrow tomorrow…” Do not postpone getting toned, tight body for another day.–> Click here Right now

Or Call Now! Talk to me One-on-One *** 313-686-1989 ***

Listen, it will never ever get any easier than this.

I will help you change your life.

The body and health of your dreams is waiting. ===>> Do not Hesitate – Contact Me Now.


P.S. If you’re ready to lose fat, tone up and feel great about yourself then call us at (313) 686-1989 today P.P.S. Don’t forget: I’m the only Fitness Service in Michigan to offer a LIFETIME Guarantee plus an Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee! P.S.S. LIFETIME Guarantee: After completing my program, if for whatever reason you “fall of the wagon,” gain all the weight back and end up looking like you did when you first started my program, I will train you AGAIN absolutely FREE.

Ph. No.

Hurry, this body diagnostics offer ends Friday 8pm EST!


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